A Modern Platform for Fundamental Investing



Cloud based, investment process infrastructure

for decision-support and analytics 

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Originally built inside of leading funds, EDS is a decision-support and analytics platform, which is fully configurable to your workflows and drives continuous improvement in your investment process and performance. EDS's best-in-class platform consists of three modules across the entire investment lifecycle: Idea Generation, Portfolio Construction & Risk Management.

Enveloping the platform is the EDS Vault, a robust database and analytics environment that improves decision-making by analyzing "why" your team succeeds and where the blind spots are. 


And, all at a price that is a fraction of competitive solutions. Contact us for a comprehensive review of your investment process infrastructure.

Working with Leading Providers & Fundamental Funds

Tiger Cubs, Citadel Spins, Point72 Alums, as well as Former Maverick, Viking & Bernstein Teams

Our Customers include Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Credit Funds & Broker/Dealers

"Firms also have invested in analytics that assess portfolio managers’ actions in advance of trades and help to counteract behavioral bias in investment decisions. The payoff has been substantial, adding 100 to 200 basis points to portfolio returns."
McKinsey  November 2018 - Achieving Digital Alpha in Asset Management
Optimize Your Investment Process
More Systematic. More Scalable. More Measurable 




Make the most of the intelligence you access - aggregate, analyze & rank it in one platform. Fully configurable to your workflows. Replace excel workflows with a scalable solution. Learn more







EDS codifies your investment process, helping you construct   optimal portfolios & position sizes. EDS captures and analyzes all your inputs and decisions to drive continuous investment process improvement.   

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Simulate, stress test & optimize across any parameter - customized to your risk mandate. EDS is partnered with MSCI, the leader in risk & factor solutions. Monitor short-term events (crowding) and expectations. Learn more

 "EDS’s “quantamental” platform has helped its users identify inefficiencies in the
broader universe where, as a starting point, favorable data point to the greatest ROIs on one’s research time."
CAIA - Alternative Investment Analyst Review

Any Workflow, Any Data, One EDS


How do I prioritize our research more efficiently 

What is the most likely price target

How do I integrate all my data sources


How do I turn our best ideas into our biggest positions

We need a central system to store & analyze our internal intelligence and decision-making


What else am I exposed

to, outside of my investment thesis

How do I manage expectations across so many data sources


How do I evaluate my team and our ideas

How accurate are our projections

Which decisions made the difference

"EDS is revolutionizing proactive, thoughtful investment managers looking to leverage technology as a scalable tailwind in their proprietary process, it is like Salesforce.com or ServiceNow for investors."

Jon Neitzell -

Anduril Partners

No question. EDS has helped us create increased alpha and stronger discipline”

Steve Galbraith -

Kindred Capital

"EDS does many things, but for me, the valuation tools are amazing!  Snapshot on key metrics for any company and its comps.  Saves me hours of work each time I use it."


Barry Haimes -

Sage Asset Management 

"MSCI Factor content, now available through the EDS Analytics Platform, can transform time-consuming tasks into readily available actionable insights"

John Regino -

MSCI, Executive Director 

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