The EDS Analytics Platform has created a world where fundamental investors can leverage technology to improve the probability of success. Workflows become more consistent and transparent. Teams are more productive. You have a feedback loop, so you know what "high conviction" means and you are continuously improving the investment process. 



EDS was originally built inside of multiple funds to scale their investment process and teams. Today, these advantages are available to all investors without the complexity/cost of competitive solutions - and we prove this unmatchable value upfront, before any commitment. From aggregating your intelligence and optimizing workflows, through to constructing the optimal portfolio, and managing risk, no other solution provides this depth of functionality or configurability to your specific requirements.



Get critical intelligence out of non-scalable, and error-prone excel spreadsheets,

off of analysts hard drives (and heads) and into a secure platform


What is it

A modular platform that supports the entire investment life cycle, including Idea Generation, Research Management (RMS), Portfolio Construction and Risk Management. These are typically siloed and/or fragmented solutions. 


What are the benefits

  • Optimal use of all data that is part of the investment process: internal data, such as models/ranks, notes, as well as external data, including fundamental, research, alternative data, in one platform. 

  • Centralization creates a research process that is leveraged by the entire investment team, and provides an an optimal learning environment for succession planning.

  • Creates a strong compliance system and importantly, internal information stays in-house. 

  • The underlying technology has advanced, such that it is quick to implement, flexible and meets any budget.

What are the risks of not having a centralized platform

  • Unable to scale effectively – ad-hoc method of driving continuous improvements throughout the entire firm.

  • Investments being made with incomplete data or information.

  • Weak compliance monitoring and Intellectual Property leakage.

  • Fragmented and siloed investment team - working on disparate systems, processes and datasets.

INTELLIGENT DATABASE (non-biased feedback loop)

What was changed, who changed it, what was the result, what did we learn, and do we change anything

What is it

The ability to maintain a history of point-in-time data, both qualitative and quantitative.

What are the benefits: 

  • Ensures repeatability of your process: a scalable system that monitors/tracks inputs and decision-making relative to historical behavior (what did we know, how did we react, what was the result, how do we adapt).

  • Maximize/monitor team performance and alpha (ex. who can we count on, who do we need to help).

  • A tier-one investor/compliance process to answer questions with confidence (why did you make investment, increase/decrease your positions.

What are the risks of not having a measurable feedback loop

  • Higher risk of repeating past mistakes or missing consistent successes.

  • A poor learning environment and a higher risk of failure for existing and new employees.

  • Sub-optimal monitoring of portfolio & investment team.

  • Non-competitive tools for your investment team.

  • Increased compliance risk.

  • Sub-optimal investor program: time-consuming projects to answer investor questions of the hows, whys and repeatability of the investment process.


EDS doesn't seek to change behavior, but to leverage technology to enhance current processes:

email, notes, data/vendors and spreadsheets 

What is it

Purpose-built and flexible modules that enhance the core workflows of fundamental investing: Idea Generation, Research Management (RMS), Portfolio Construction and Risk Management.

What are the benefits

  • Improves productivity and discipline by 2-3X (comments from an EDS user available as reference).

  • Configurable modules that match your process - exactly. 

  • Teams are working with the same data and have confidence all inputs are up to date.

  • Opportunities / risks are not missed - surfaced in real-time to make sure intent matches reality.

What are the risks of not having modern tools

  • Decisions being made without full information and knowledge (risk of lost alpha).

  • Investment team is not fully utilizing "best practices" support infrastructure (tools and content).

  • Sub-optimal environment for learning, advancement and evaluation.

  • Wasted time spent working with multiple applications.

  • High potential for inaccurate results.



Institutional capabilities that fit any budget

Equity Data Science was founded in 2017 by a team of engineers, investors, and data scientists to commercialize a quantitative platform for fundamental investors, which has been in use at some of the top investment funds since 2012. The EDS technology library leverages over 10 years of software development for fundamental investors. 

Dedicated team assigned to your account   

100% configurable to your investment team & process

Rapid implementation & low friction on your team

Priced at a fraction of competitive solutions