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More and Bigger Positions in the Portfolio  


EDS transforms (saving huge amounts of time along the way) the way you integrate the accelerating amount of information into your analysis  - sector mapping, internal estimates, price targets, conviction levels, fundamentals, expectations, market trends, alternative data, etc. Now you have the data that helps you become a bigger contributor to the fund. 

Ideal for: 

  • Research Analysts

  • Generalist of Sector Specialist

  • Adding Quantitative Skills to a Résumé


Ideas / Coverage / Sector Mapping


IDEA GENERATION: Enhance your idea targeting and trading, by optimizing your coverage list, through our configurable dashboards. And by putting the power of statistical and scenario modeling (data science) directly into your hands, EDS helps you find more signals, and more opportunities to add the highest quality ideas to the portfolio. 

"EDS does many things, but for me, the valuation tools are amazing!  Snapshot on key metrics for any company and its comps.  Saves me hours of work each time I use it."


Barry Haimes - Sage Asset Management

Valuation, Competitive Analysis & Expectations


Build Conviction in the timing and investment return of your ideas by seamlessly using automation to analyze more information, science to focus on the relationships that matter, and collaboration to leverage your knowledge through out the firm. Answer questions, such as:


  • What metrics (revenue, margins, leverage) have the closest relationship to the stock price and how have they interacted with each other.

  • How much of a bet am I making on the themes I don’t control -  Oil , Rates, Growth Stocks, Trends,  Alt Data etc...

  • What is the most likely valuation and price target if my investment thesis is correct.

  • What expectations are embedded in my ideas as I come into an earning event

  • What data sources should I care about, and have they provided unique and actionable insights.


Answering these and many other questions used to take hours, multiple applications and expensive personnel. With EDS, you have a new skill to add to your résumé - the power of a quant

Position Sizing & Collaborative Learning Environment

PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION is more than ROI projections alone, it is also about avoiding large mistakes and owning the right amount of each position. At EDS, we provide a systematic approach to aggregating & optimizing YOUR intelligence - be it price targets, idiosyncratic views, internal earnings estimates, or just about any information that is unique to you. And, by tracking and monitoring it over time, EDS provides a feedback loop for continuous collaboration and learning.