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  • Portfolio Manager

  • Analyst

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Make Quantamental

Investing Easy with EDS

Leverage a Dynamic Quantitative Framework to Enhance Your Fundamental Investment Process
  • Investment Analytics
  • Portfolio Management
  • Scenario & Risk Modeling



Investment Analytics 


From idea generation to portfolio management, a deep understanding of your precise exposures is critical to your success. Whether you are trying to find the right companies to match an investment theme, or trying to understand portfolio action, the EDS Analytics Platform -  from linear regression, correlation and mean-reversion, to factors such as oil, interest rates, momentum, value, and quality - will provide the answer in seconds. Learn more


More Intelligence,

in Less Time 


Our intelligent search technology combined with deep analytics means added intelligence and insight for your team. 


EDS significantly improves productivity through streamlining your daily tasks.

  • Filters the universe down to the names you care about

  • Ranks those names based on your investment philosophy

  • Leverages your intelligence by aggregating all of your data in one platform (internal estimates & price targets, alternative data, market & fundamental data, etc.)

  • Save complexity and time by moving out of excel and into our dynamic tear-sheet & comp sheet. Understand your ideas, like never before.


Improve Your  



Adding science to your deep fundamental work helps to increase accuracy by pinpointing the most likely valuation parameters.


And with more data than ever before to analyze, EDS helps hone your focus on only the data that matters. Learn more

"The EDS Dynamic Comp Sheet" 


One of our most powerful and popular features is the ability to quickly compare - and create multiple scenarios - how a company is valued across any and all fundamental metrics relative to over 12,000 global equities.


  • This is particularly useful as valuation divergences for companies with similar metrics, such as growth, margins, and valuation multiples arn't easily discerned in today's commercial platforms.


  • In a few minutes, using our historical, forward or cross-sectional analysis, your team adds accuracy and conviction to investment forecasting and hedging opportunities across the entire universe. We'll even help you create the optimal price target. Learn more



"But for me, the valuation tools are amazing" - Barry Haimes

More Accurate

Earnings Preparation



Understand the risk or take advantage of new opportunities. With the EDS Analytics Platform, you are a few clicks from deep insights on trends, such as analyst revisions, surprises, initiations, momentum, macro indicators and others. We've even added the ability to predict post-event price movements through dynamic statistical analysis. Learn more

Predictive Analytics



Whether you are a long-term or short-term investor, sentiment and ownership positioning is an important indicator to monitor, especially in today's fast paced global markets. Learn more


  • What are the implications of short interest or price momentum trends - and how quickly are they changing?


  • Who is buying or selling the stock - and is it relevant? Are stocks crowded? 


  • Has there been increased insider activity - and what does it mean?


Making Data Science

Affordable and Approachable 


No hardware, No software, No added employees, No training, and No support costs. We've even helped our clients reduce the number of vendors in their ecosystem, helping make our platform cost neutral.