The Challenge: Vendor creep, ineffective solutions, compliance & data management, spiraling costs, etc.


  • The COO is the driving force of improving efficiency in the "Back Office".​

  • Now, leading COOs are adding “Operational Alpha” to the "Front Office" too, as they evaluate a new generation of tools & platforms that improve business processes, consolidate vendors, and support decision-making for investment teams - helping the firm become more profitable & scalable.

  • Fund had to manage multiple vendors, each with its own tools and limitations - the tools were not flexible to their needs and were expensive, making the role of the COO difficult, as he struggled to constantly improve business and investment processes. 

The Solution: The EDS Decision-Support & Workflow Platform

​A high performance, easy-to-use and configurable workflow solution built around their operations, investment & risk processes - implemented quickly and at a lower cost than their current solutions - consolidating vendors, streamlining processes, centralizing data, improving compliance and providing valuable efficiencies and feedback for the investment team. And all supported by a highly experienced team of former investment professionals / quantitative analysts

EDS Value Added

With EDS, the COO was able to drive exceptional value to the fund: 

  • ​Significantly reduced vendor count with a long-term goal to reduce it to one vendor. 

  • Saved fund money (over six-figures), while providing a higher performing and more configurable solution to the operation and investment teams. 

  • Improved compliance processes by centralizing their investment data in an easy-to-use, high performance platform with rapid search capabilities. 

  • Identified additional areas of possible synergies, including portfolio construction and performance attribution.

Working with Leading Firms

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"EDS is revolutionizing proactive, thoughtful investment managers looking to leverage technology as a scalable tailwind in their proprietary process, leveling the playing field relative to large incumbent vendors."

Jon Neitzell - Anduril Partners

EDS Provides

Improved Performance


  • EDS helps you measure and improve your investment process - making it easy to analyze where your team succeeds and where the blind spots are​​

  • Keeps all Intellectual Property (IP) in-house

  • Creates accountability & transparency within the investment team

Lower Costs

  • Consolidates into one vendor and system for reduced overhead.

  • No need to hire additional personnel

Efficiency & Automation


  • Aggregates all data (including codifying internal intelligence) into one platform, making evaluating the data and ideas much easier and faster.