New Fund Launch: Decision-Support

HF is a spin-out of a $300B Tier-One Asset Manager. And while the firm has a process-oriented approach, it is excel based, and lacks the ability to analyze the inputs and outputs of their decisions - no feedback loop). Compounding the problem; as a new firm, budget is tight, and differentiating themselves to allocators is tough. Rather than wasting time managing multiple processes, vendors, fragmented workflows, they were looking for centralized and low friction solution to help them differentiate their investment process from the start

By integrating EDS software into their workflow, ideation & accountability across sector captains is unified by the attributes and factors most relevant to each, rolling rankings up into a proprietary firm score. Further, it ranks all idea lists and current portfolios by multiple in-house variables taking into account bull, base, and bear cases with associated probabilities. Finally, risk metrics are integrated into the platform allowing them to sort by factor, quality, and thematic scores on a live basis. With EDS, their scale is infinite, as each input or signal created is added to the firm score. 

EDS provides a centralized system for repeatable discipline across idea generation, position sizing, and risk management in a transparent feedback loop driving consistent improvement.

Working with Leading Firms

"EDS is revolutionizing proactive, thoughtful investment managers looking to leverage technology as a scalable tailwind in their proprietary process, leveling the playing field relative to large incumbent vendors."

Jon Neitzell - Anduril Partners

EDS Provides

Improved Performance


  • EDS helps you measure and improve your investment process - making it easy to analyze where your team succeeds and where the blind spots are​​

  • Keeps all Intellectual Property (IP) in-house

  • Creates accountability & transparency within the investment team

Lower Costs

  • Consolidating into one vendor and system reduced HF’s overhead.

  • HF did not have to hire additional personnel

Efficiency & Automation


  • Aggregated all data (including codifying internal intelligence) into one platform, making evaluating the data and ideas much easier and faster.
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