Optimizing Investment Process

HF was founded in the 1997 and like many firms today, the infrastructure in place to support their investment teams is fragmented & inefficient - multiple excel, word & email files spread out across the team. And while the firm has a process-oriented approach, helping them prioritize investment opportunities, it is housed in excel, and lacks the ability to analyze past inputs & decisions. Compounding the problem, the firm has multiple outside research and alternative data providers, delivering insights through email and excel. As the HF has grown, the task of managing multiple processes & vendors, additional IT contractors and fragmented workflows was time consuming, as well as expensive. 

In 2017 HF approached EDS, by way of referral, looking to make their investment process more efficient. After due diligence, HF decided that EDS was more affordable and flexible than hiring internally or cobbling together multiple solutions. Initially, the HF started with a small team. After 18 months, EDS is rolled out across their entire team, optimizing all data sources, automating workflows, and ranking the universe according to their process. In addition, EDS analyzes where their team excels and where the blind spots are - "EDS is like a real-time investment committee", according to the CIO. EDS has also replaced other internal solutions, saving additional costs.

"EDS is like a real-time investment committee" - Fund CIO.


EDS replaced other internal solutions,

saving additional costs.

Working with Leading Firms

"EDS is revolutionizing proactive, thoughtful investment managers looking to leverage technology as a scalable tailwind in their proprietary process, leveling the playing field relative to large incumbent vendors."

Jon Neitzell - Anduril Partners

EDS Provides

Improved Performance


  • EDS helps you measure and improve your investment process - making it easy to analyze where your team succeeds and where the blind spots are​​

  • Keeps all Intellectual Property (IP) in-house

  • Creates accountability & transparency within the investment team

Lower Costs

  • Consolidating into one vendor and system reduced HF’s overhead.

  • HF did not have to hire additional personnel

Efficiency & Automation


  • Aggregated all data (including codifying internal intelligence) into one platform, making evaluating the data and ideas much easier and faster.  

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