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As the former #1 Institutional Investor (II) ranked Chief Investment Officer at Morgan Stanley, Steve Galbraith made his career espousing the value of combining quantitative and fundamental philosophies. But when he left Maverick Capital to create Herring Creek Capital, he left behind one of the most efficient, effective, expensive and technologically rich environments on Wall Street. Replicating its significant competitive advantages, especially the powerful data analytics platform was an enormous challenge. With the EDS Analytics Platform, he was able to leverage best-in-class technology to create a holistic environment that matched best practices in the industry – helping insure that his firm could compete at the highest levels possible and all within a budget that is a fraction of custom solutions. 

EDS was cost effective, quick to deploy and powerful. Herring Creek’s team now had access to the same dynamic data analysis as high cost internal platforms, and it was configured to their process – they are processing more information, generating better ideas, and have improved forecast precision. And portfolio management is enhanced as risky traits, such as macro exposures are identified, and minimized – Herring Creek now has a holistic platform for continuous learning, evaluation and improvement. Clients also noticed the improved process and assets increased.

"Since we implemented some quantitative changes in tracking expectations around quarterly earnings, cumulatively we have added almost 800 basis points of alpha in our short security selection.”


Working with Leading Firms

"EDS is revolutionizing proactive, thoughtful investment managers looking to leverage technology as a scalable tailwind in their proprietary process, leveling the playing field relative to large incumbent vendors."

Jon Neitzell - Anduril Partners


EDS Provides

Improved Performance


  • EDS helps you measure and improve your investment process - making it easy to analyze where your team succeeds and where the blind spots are​​

  • Keeps all Intellectual Property (IP) in-house

  • Creates accountability & transparency within the investment team

Lower Costs

  • Consolidating into one vendor and system reduced HF’s overhead.

  • HF did not have to hire additional personnel

Efficiency & Automation


  • Aggregated all data (including codifying internal intelligence) into one platform, making evaluating the data and ideas much easier and faster.  

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