The COO has long been the driving force of improving efficiency in the Middle and Back Office.


Now, leading COOs are adding “Operational Alpha” to the Front Office too, as they evaluate a new generation of investment process tools that support and improve decision-making for investment teams - helping the firm become more profitable & scalable.

A Front Office Decision-Support & Analytics Platform 

The Way You Invest is Special. EDS Makes it Scalable

"With the EDS Platform, our deep fundamental process is centralized and measurable - like having our investment team together 24/7, making sure our portfolio always represents our best and highest conviction ideas."


- Senvest Management, New York

Working with EDS is like having a platform and full quant team on staff to support your fundamental research process…only faster, more efficient, and more reliable.  Table stakes for a new era of investing.

 Multibillion-dollar Tiger Cub

EDS Helps The COO Improve Investment Results & Reduce Vendor Footprints


  • Saves time and money through the reduction of ad-hoc manual processes

  • Meets compliance requirements

  • Investment team has additional data/insights

  • Drives incremental alpha, AUM and cost savings (McKinsey 2018 Report)

  • Shareable process leads to a better culture and work environment

  • Sharper definition of investment process

  • Improves marketing process/results

  • Lowers operational risk (reduces errors)

  • Consolidates your vendors

  • Recruiting/Retention benefits

  • Improves scalability of fund

  • Low to zero cost vs. high ROI

  • Reduces the need to add additional personnel

Biggest Funds are Investing in Technology to Drive AUM Growth


  • Today's research process is fragmented & inefficient

  • Research tools are becoming un-competitive. Relying solely on excel as your mission critical application is inefficient

  • Current software solutions are expensive and are not configured to your firm

  • Shared drive chaos (poor data - store, analyze and retrieve firm-wide intelligence, models, notes, etc.)

  • Data overload for investment teams

EDS is Focused on Solving Critical Needs for Success - Cost Effectively


  • Quantitative/Fundamental Research

  • Factor Awareness

  • ESG Integration

  • Alternative Data Predictions

  • Data Science

  • Managing & Leveraging In-House Data & Intelligence

  • Portfolio Construction

  • Portfolio Risk Analysis

  • Trading Simulation

  • P&L Attribution

  • Marketing/Investor Relations