...the power of a data science team,

at a fraction of the price 


Your "In-House" Data Science Team

Powerful Quantitative Engine - No need to build from scratch or use excel - the EDS Insight Engine performs rigorous and dynamic statistical analysis out-of-the-box.


Pay only for the data that matters - There are hundreds of datasets available, but EDS analyzes your data and focuses your team on only the data matters. 


Build custom workflows - EDS has deep fundamental and quantitative experience. Let us help you build and visualize your ideas.





All your alternative data in one dashboard - EDS integrates with any dataset - credit-card transactions, web traffic, survey information, social media, geo-location, etc.


Leading-edge visualization - Not only does EDS analyze your data, but we present it in an insight-driven format for you and your clients - no more spreadsheets.


Boost the productivity of your team - When integrated with our analytics platform, your data seamlessly becomes part of a robust and holistic investment process.  

Predictive Intelligence


In one dashboard, search, and filter across over 12,000 equities in seconds - uncover, which companies correlate best with your data.   

Customized Dashboards


Our team of quants analyzes your data and creates the best dashboard for your investment process.  

.....back-testing, data quality,

earnings predictions and

post-earnings analysis


Don't build from scratch. It is all in here, in a quantitative engine and insight-driven visual interface.

Combine it with

The EDS Analytics Platform 

Only EDS provides a platform that integrates your data into a comprehensive investment analytics platform.


Flexible and Collaborative


No more waiting for support desks to incorporate your ideas.


  • Customize the dashboard to your firm

  • Customize your workflows 

  • Add administrative capabilities. 

  • Collaborate with your team and clients for maximum productivity

Quick Implementation


Ease-of-use is a core focus for EDS, making it beneficial to entire teams 


  • Secure & accessible from any browser.

  • Built for quick insights

  • Easy-to-learn, use and implement

  • Collaboration tools, such as bookmarks and watachlists are instantly available


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