Leveraging Technology to Drive Shareholder Value


Purpose-Built to Provide

Key Business Insights

  • What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are most correlated with your stock

  • Which institutions are buying and selling your securities, and why

  • Who are the right peers to be comparing against

  • Which institutions should be buying your securities

  • What capital decisions provide the most upside for shareholders (dividends, buybacks, reducing debt, etc.)

  • Which strategy provide the most upside for shareholders (focusing on margins or revenue growth)

  • How much of our stock return is because of our actions vs. other factors in the market

"IR 2.0 blends new technology tools with human expertise from the buy-side and IR to create an integrated solution for modern capital market communications. EDS offers, among many other things, unique insight into how shares are trading, what is driving the valuation and what to do about it"
Sam Levenson, CEO - Arbor Advisory Group

The flow of assets from active to passive management, coupled with increasing use of quantitative driven investment strategies have changed how markets interpret corporate communications.  With EDS, your IR & Business Development teams have access to leading edge tools that improve the decision-making that aligns your management team to your shareholder base.



Understand the Drivers of Your Stock

How much of our stock return is because of our actions vs. other factors in the market

Factors are investment characteristics that help explain the risk and/or return behavior of a stock or any asset. 

Factors represent some of the most intuitive, widely used and historically relevant investment concepts including factors, such as Value, Momentum, Quality and Volatility

Integrated Data Science 

Robust Valuation Analysis that Helps You Tackle the Quants

Understanding valuation is critical to your success. Our Tear Sheet and Comp Sheet take you out of excel - saving time, reducing errors and improving forecasting accuracy:

  • Comp sheet dashboard that performs valuation analysis across multiple methodologies, in a few clicks.

  • Historical valuation 

  • Existing peers (GICS or Custom)

  • Versus a wider set of companies (cross-sectional - see CFA article)

  • Relative to the market 

  • Projected - (ex. should we forecast a multiple re-rating if growth accelerates)

  • Instant statistical regressions highlight the financial and macro metrics to focus on

  • No more static and "hard-to-update" excel sheets - adjust scenarios on the fly 

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 3.41.43 PM.png

EDS Helps Your Team Answers Questions:

What is the most likely price target?

What is the right multiple?

Should I care about margins or sales?

Powerful Ownership Analysis

"Who owns our stock and "Why" 

Who "should" we target



Understanding market positioning of


  • 13F filings and changes, 

  • Short Interest positioning, and

  • Style of shareholder base (Value, Growth, Income, Quant, etc.)


is critical, as big data analysis, such as alternative data and quantitative trading is increasing. With the EDS Analytics Platform, your team surfaces  the intelligence to form valuable insights about your ownership trends


Decision-Support and Analytics that is Powerful, Affordable and Configured to Your Company


  • Purpose Built for Corporate client and 100% configurable to your workflows.

  • Our clients are  2 - 3X more productive - saving valuable time and improving decision-making

  • A centralized platform for all your intelligence, including internal financial data and scenarios

  • A valuable resource to internal business development and M&A teams

  • A team of experienced buyside investors, data scientists and investor relations that are always available 

  • Current solutions are expensive, do not provide a holistic solution and are not purpose-built to your firm