.....helping you stay present with your customers 



Your Insights, in the Right Place, at the Right Time


Maximum Flexibility for Your Customers

Configurable Dashboards - EDS is configured to clients needs, so your data & insights are exactly where they want them, and when you want them to have it - not lost in their inbox or on a shared drive. EDS helps you build additional presence with customers.

About Equity Data Science - EDS was originally built inside of leading funds, to deliver all intelligence (internal, fundamental, research data & alternative data) in one dashboard to save time and add context to their decisions. Now that same approach is available to your customers across idea generation, portfolio construction, and risk managementYour insights can be surfaced anywhere, at any time, for any workflow. 


Powerful Visualization - Excel downloads or PDF's are useful, but as the amount of data expands, delivery and processing methods are evolving. With EDS, your data is always up-to-date and available in the exact way an investor chooses. EDS does not change your KPIs, EDS does not test or rank your KPIs - our mission is to make your KPIs more present within your customer base. 



Increase Your Presence with Customers


Your Customers are Your Customers. They have a relationship with you. They pay you. You do not pay us. Your insights/KPIs are solely for their use and we do not alter them in any way. Only now, your insights are more valuable and flexible to customer needs. 

  • Your insights are accessed more often, in more workflows, and by more people - driving higher engagement and a stronger customer relationship.

  • Your insights can be more visible to prospective customers. EDS can also showcase your data (and other products) in a variety of ways - all entirely up to you. 

  • Your insights sit alongside data on the entire universe, providing your clients an opportunity (if you wish) to gain value beyond the tickers you've mapped. 

  • Have your own portal for deeper dives? With single sign-on, users click your data and are taken directly to your portal - no need to open a browser and login.  Don't have a portal - talk to your EDS about representative about our outsourced solutions. 


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Across any workflow, your data and how it is used (or how you want it used), is front-and-center. 



By providing your data directly within their existing workflow, you are making their analysis easier and more productive. This creates a stronger and more valuable relationship for both you and your customers.

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Customers can utilize your data in ways they couldn't before -  helping them to generate new ideas  

Flexible and Collaborative


No more waiting for support desks to incorporate your ideas.


  • Configure the dashboard to your firm

  • Configure our workflows to you or your customer

  • Add administrative capabilities. 

  • Collaborate with your team and clients for maximum productivity



Ease-of-use is a core focus for EDS, making it beneficial to entire teams 


  • Secure & accessible from any browser.

  • Built for quick insights

  • Easy-to-learn, use and implement