You can leverage technology to fully understand the drivers of ESG for better investment decision-making. Your ESG research is more productive & transparent. You have a feedback loop to analyze and improve ESG

related decision-making. You have an effective platform to hold management teams accountable for their ESG strategies. You have the flexibility to build your own ESG scoring to compare and contrast against consensus.


                                                   DATA QUALITY

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  • Dynamically utilize the data that works best for your team:

  • EDS works with any content provider

  • Combine multiple data-sets

  • Leading providers are instantly available on EDS

  • Add your own "In-House" metrics


Pillars of ESG Investment Process Integration 

Throughout the platform, we have woven ESG analytics into the fundamental process to give investors the ability to maximize ESG inputs, as part of their investment process


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Modular Suite That Integrates ESG Seamlessly Across Your Workflows

Bringing the investment process into a scalable, digital environment.



Integrated ESG Data & Intelligence

  • Multiple vendors, aggregated and optimized in a single pane of glass.

Flexible ESG Screening and Research

  • Understand & target the drivers of ESG scoring.

  • Incorporate ESG directly into your research process

  • Search for ESG trends that lead to better outcomes.

Driving ESG Accountability

  • Search and monitor trends in ESG adherence and failures by corporate teams.

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Built Around Your Process

  • Include ESG intelligence alongside all inputs with configurable dashboards that visualize and contextualize all the data that drives investment decisions.

Quantify Your ESG Intuition


  • Analyze the impact of ESG related decisions

  • Surface ESG related opportunities & risks alongside other intelligence

  • Monitor and adjust ESG trends in the portfolio.

Driving ESG Accountability

  • Monitor and act on positions where ESG related actions are thriving or failing.

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Works the way you do

  • Integrate EDS data and notes from Excel, Slack, Teams, or any note-taking platform. 

Robust ESG Templates

  • Custom tagging, real-time updates

  • Quick & dynamic search

  • Custom templates make ESG documentation easy: pre-earnings, post-earnings, tearsheets, marketing, quarterly reporting, etc.

Driving ESG Accountability

  • Compare ESG scores against management actions - with EDS, you have a way to hold companies accountable for ESG actions.

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Integrated into your investment process

  • EDS’s integrated risk module integrates ESG seamlessly with idea generation, RMS and portfolio construction.

  • Understand exposure to ESG factors on a portfolio level throughout time and vs. a benchmark?

Simulation & Optimization

  • Simple, powerful ESG simulation and optimization makes ESG analytics valuable for PMs and analysts.

  • View pre and post trade impact on Portfolio ESG? 

Risk Decomposition and

Performance Attribution

  • Dissect your portfolio to understand the ESG drivers of performance (before and after the trade) at a granular level, including intra-day analysis.

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