Optimize Your Research Process

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Herring Creek Capital improved short performance and wrote about us in their letters.


  • Codify and organize your investment process. Rank securities by the data you choose, define and weight (even back-test to determine efficacy)

  • Search and screen across any universe or customize your own universe 

  • Move inefficient excel-based workflows into EDS for large productivity and insight gains.

  • Configurable "Tearsheets" that include rigorous statistical analytics.​

  • Dynamic "Comp Sheets"

  • Scenario builds in a few clicks

  • Our clients are 2-3X more productive and can finally analyze & iterate their decision-making 

  • Integrate any intelligence directly into your workflows and investment process:

  • Internal Intelligence - such as your earnings models, price targets and conviction levels

  • Fundamental Data - such as fundamental data from our partner, Factset

  • Research Data - such as Factor and ESG data from our partner MSCI Barra

  • Alternative Data - such as credit-card or medical information

Make the most of the intelligence you access - aggregate, analyze & rank in one platform. Fully

configurable. Replace excel workflows with a scalable solution. 



Integrated Data Science  

Rigorous Statistical Analytics "on-the-fly"

Precise modeling of valuation is critical to your success. Our Tear Sheet and Comp Sheet take you out of excel - saving time, reducing errors and improving forecasting accuracy:

  • Comp sheet dashboard that performs valuation analysis across multiple methodologies, in a few clicks.

  • Historical valuation 

  • Existing peers (GICS or Custom)

  • Versus a wider set of companies (cross-sectional - see CFA article)

  • Relative to the market 

  • Projected - (ex. should I forecast a multiple re-rating if growth accelerates)

  • Calculate IRR or Normalized EPS (NEPS) across the whole universe

  • Instant statistical regressions highlight the financial and macro metrics to focus on

  • No more static and "hard-to-update" excel sheets - adjust scenarios on the fly 

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EDS Answers Your Most Pressing Questions:

  • What is the most likely price target?

  • What is the right multiple?

  • Should I care about margins or sales?

Alternative Data Analytics

Dig Deeper & Use Your Alt Data More Effectively

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Alternative Data Dashboards


  • EDS works with any data source or vendor

  • Bring all your alternative data together in one dashboard

  • Combine your alternative data into a configurable rank or score

Integrate any data types:

  • Credit Cards

  • Email Receipts

  • Contextual

  • Clickstream

  • Satellite

Powerful Factor & ESG Screening
Search for new ideas based on unique opportunities and insights (ex. Small Size and High Leverage)
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