Optimize Your Investment Process

Herring Creek Capital improved short performance and wrote about us in their letters.


  • Codify and organize your investment process. Rank securities by the data you choose, define and weight (even back-test to determine efficacy)

  • Search and screen across any universe or customize your own universe 

  • Move inefficient excel-based workflows into EDS for large productivity and insight gains.

  • Configurable "Tearsheets" that include rigorous statistical analytics.​

  • Dynamic "Comp Sheets"

  • Scenario builds in a few clicks

  • Our clients are 2-3X more productive and can finally analyze & iterate their decision-making 

  • Integrate any intelligence directly into your workflows and investment process:

  • Internal Intelligence - such as your earnings models, price targets and conviction levels

  • Fundamental Data - such as fundamental data from our partner, Factset

  • Research Data - such as Factor and ESG data from our partner MSCI Barra

  • Alternative Data - such as credit-card or medical information

Leading fundamental funds are giving their teams an advantage - a centralized system that optimizes the increasing intelligence they utilize as part of their investment process.  Whether it's proprietary In-House data, such as estimates, price targets, positions and notes, or market data, alternative and research data, EDS integrates it all in one system for better and faster research. Your process is no longer stuck "up in your head", across multiple spreadsheets, emails, word documents or outlook, it's now always up-to-date & organized, generating better ideas and smarter decisions in less time.



A Research Management System (RMS) Configured to Your Firm

The story you believe is just as important as data you use. And as a fundamental investor, you take copious notes, every chance you have - analyst calls, earnings calls, management meetings, etc. You might even have a tearsheet that defines your investment thesis and projected returns. However, all this information is created in static applications (word, outlook, evernote, excel), is stored in multiple locations, and is not organized on a firm-wide level. And if you are paying for a dedicated RMS, it is old, rigid, stand-alone and expensive. With EDS, bring your investment process to life with an RMS that:

  • Is configured to your exact needs and is stored in our robust database

  • Integrates with your entire process - Idea Generation, Portfolio Construction & Risk Management

  • Includes configurable notes (ex. earnings previews and post views) and thesis templates that have version controls and alerts

  • Is dynamic and connected to all data on the platform, so all your data/metrics are always up-to-date (ex. change a price target and it updates in the RMS)

  • Keeps your intellectual property in-house

  • Imports from other systems (send your notes to EDS via email, etc.)

  • Allows you to manipulate your excel models within the platform

  • Mobile-Ready (Supports the Ipad and Ipad Pro)

Integrated Data Science  

Rigorous Statistical Analytics "on-the-fly"

Precise modeling of valuation is critical to your success. Our Tear Sheet and Comp Sheet take you out of excel - saving time, reducing errors and improving forecasting accuracy:

  • Comp sheet dashboard that performs valuation analysis across multiple methodologies, in a few clicks.

  • Historical valuation 

  • Existing peers (GICS or Custom)

  • Versus a wider set of companies (cross-sectional - see CFA article)

  • Relative to the market 

  • Projected - (ex. should I forecast a multiple re-rating if growth accelerates)

  • Calculate IRR or Normalized EPS (NEPS) across the whole universe

  • Instant statistical regressions highlight the financial and macro metrics to focus on

  • No more static and "hard-to-update" excel sheets - adjust scenarios on the fly 

EDS Answers Your Most Pressing Questions:

  • What is the most likely price target?

  • What is the right multiple?

  • Should I care about margins or sales?

Alternative Data Analytics

Dig Deeper & Use Your Alt Data More Effectively

Alternative Data Dashboards


  • EDS works with any data source or vendor

  • Bring all your alternative data together in one dashboard

  • Combine your alternative data into a configurable rank or score

Integrate any data types:

  • Credit Cards

  • Email Receipts

  • Contextual

  • Clickstream

  • Satellite

Powerful Factor & ESG Screening
Search for new ideas based on unique opportunities and insights (ex. Small Size and High Leverage)
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