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Your Data & Intelligence is an Advantage  


EDS Helps You Make the Most of It - Our Cloud or Premise based solution gives you the power to process and deliver data-driven insights to your investment team in the most efficient and effective way possible

Ideal for: 

  • Data Scientists

  • Users with R, Python or Visualization Experience


Data Ingestion & Analysis

No Need to Build, When a Robust & Configurable Solution is Here


Market Data Built-In – No need to get your own market data, we’ve partnered with FactSet to deliver high quality fundamental data out of the box. We’ve also gone much further, by preparing it for you - quickly analyze the relationships across any metric, and for any stock in the equity universe. 


Ingest Any Data Set - Whether it is alternative data (transactions, click-stream, medical data), internal intelligence you create (price targets, financial estimates, conviction levels), or other data (accounting, industry, etc.), EDS seamlessly integrates any dataset you have access to. And data is always up-to-date - no waiting for an email or excel spreadsheet. Set alerts for you and your team if trend changes.

Triangulation - Combine and analyze all your data sources - communicate more effectively with your investment team, by integrating your data alongside all others. 

Quantitative & Software Development Support - Our team of quantitative and development experts is available to help you deploy a solution that is engaging and intuitive to you and your investment team

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Analyst Desktop


Templates that Reduce Your Workload - Manipulate data, build custom visualizations, quickly create statistical analytics (z-scores, regressions, correlations, back-tests, factor analysis, time-series, on-the-fly R scripts and more). Tie them into a GICs based universe in a few clicks. 


Your Data, Your Analytics, Up-to-Date and Private - For you and your investment team - analytics that are always up-to-date with the latest market and internal/external data. And with the Analyst Desktop, your data and analytics is private and only visible to your firm. 


Enhance Team Productivity - Share your insights in highly interactive visualizations your team understands and can act upon quickly.

Your Investment Team Becomes More Productive



Enhanced Collaboration - Leverage your intelligence across the entire team - Traders, Analysts, Portfolio Managers and Marketing. No more exporting to excel, building your own tables, or formatting and printing out - Share your analyses via bookmarks, watch-lists, dashboards and automated reports.