December 31, 2018

EDS Named Top 10 Portfolio Analytics Vendor

From consultation services to implementation assistance, these solution providers are constantly transforming the portfolio analytics market. Our distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, and analysts along with Capital Markets CIO Outlook’s editorial board have narrowed down the best portfolio analytics solution providers in the market

May 07, 2018

Kindred Capital Investor Letter - How One of Our Customers (and Investors) uses EDS

Steve Galbraith is the CIO of Kindred Capital, and is formerly the CIO at Morgan Stanley and a Partner at Maverick Capital. He shares his use of EDS in a recent investor letter. Below are a few excerpts.......


            "At the core of our investment process is Equity Data Science (EDS), a software program which affords us enormous leverage in stock selection and in managing the Fund’s investments. While initially designed to augment idea generation and stock selection, the latest version of EDS now incorporates tools that help us with portfolio construction and position sizing as well. EDS filters the equity universe in multiple ways: on the basis of valuation relative to peers, relative to the market as a whole, and relative to a company’s own history.   It tracks technical trends, leverage, returns, growth, market sentiment, and many other financial measures.  It also estimates normalized earnings power based on historical data.   EDS ranks securities on a scale of 1 to 5 (best to worst)"


March 07, 2018

Every week, Hedge Fund Alerts helps subscribers anticipate risks and opportunities by revealing behind-the-scenes developments in the fund-management arena. EDS is excited to be highlighted as a key vendor providing leading-edge technology to fundamental investors:

"helping fundamental investors incorporate big-data analysis without reconstituting their core investment processes  — or going to the trouble and expense of hiring data scientists and software engineers. The EDS Analytics Platform supports multiple big-data functions, including idea generation, asset valuation, position sizing and risk management. Other fintech firms aim to assist hedge funds in some of those areas, but EDS is pitching its system as the simplest and least-expensive way for equity managers to fully exploit the potential of big data.EDS has the backing of Steve Galbraith, formerly chief macroeconomic strategist at Maverick Capital and chief investment officer at Morgan Stanley. He helped oversee the formation of Maverick’s quantitative-investing program, dubbed Mavrank, and later developed a prototype of EDS’ software at Herring Creek Capital, a hedge fund firm he founded." 


"The fact that the founders of EDS have experience as portfolio managers could give the firm a leg up in an increasingly crowded field. One of the biggest challenges hedge fund managers face in working with big data is a communications gap between data scientists and investment professionals. Indeed, a recent report from Jefferies’ prime-brokerage group said larger fund-management firms have been hiring “translators” to bridge that gap."

September 26, 2017

The Chartered Alternative Investment Analysts Association (CAIA) has published an article, entitled "Including Investment Process Technologies within Operational Due Diligence", by Dana Lambert and Rayne Gaisford.


EDS is excited to be highlighted as a key vendor providing leading-edge technology to fundamental investors. The EDS mission is simple - provide a high-end investment analytics, portfolio management and risk modeling platform that provides the power of a data scientist, at a fraction of the price - no added personnel or expensive IT support, and easy-to-use and implement.  

"The EDS platform has been in development since 2013, and currently has multiple customers. Having such a comprehensive, efficient, and versatile screening and portfolio ranking tool brings data science capabilities to fundamental managers, helping them significantly increase productivity and generate alpha." - Dana Lambert, Rayne Gaisford:

These approaches to security selection, portfolio construction, analytics, and risk measurement – and the behaviors tied to them – enable much more data-centric and evidence-based practices, in many cases providing a “quantamental” overlay to a fundamental investing technique. This overlay can create the much sought-after “edge” or marginal information advantage that so many in the investment management business seek. 

June 08, 2017

J.P. Morgan recognizes Equity Data Science as a quantitative platform for fundamental investors

Marko Kolanovic and his industry-leading quantitative team at JP Morgan have published a new report entitled "Big Data and AI Strategies." This massive 280-page Big Data Handbook is one of the most comprehensive reports on Data Science and its resulting impact on fundamental investors. Equity Data Science (EDS) is pleased to be selected as one of the vendors providing the latest technology and tools to help investors compete in the rapidly evolving financial markets, including investment analytics, multi-factor portfolio analysis and risk modeling. EDS is easy-to-use, affordable and helps investors generate better performance. 

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