The EDS Analytics Platform has created a world where fundamental investors can leverage technology to improve the probability of success. Workflows become more consistent and transparent. Teams are more productive. You have a feedback loop, so you know what "high conviction" means and you are continuously improving the investment process. 



Any Data, Any Workflow, One Platform

From aggregating your intelligence and optimizing workflows, through to constructing the optimal portfolio, and managing risk, no other solution provides this depth of functionality or configurability to your specific requirements - EDS was originally built inside of multiple funds to help investment teams scale their investment process, without the complexity of building it yourself or cobbling together multiple solutions.





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Any Data | Optimize | Rank | Analyze 


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Simulation | Exposure | Factors

EDS Vault


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 Move Beyond Simple Performance Attribution - Measure Your Investment Process 

- Take Control of Your Intellectual Property

Understanding the "Why" and the "How" your process works is what has made you successful - making sure it is repeatable, scalable and that you control your intellectual property is what creates long term value. This is what the EDS Vault is all about, helping you answer and make adjustments to tough questions, such as:

  • Did I get the PE multiple, margins or growth right

  • Are trading decisions helping or hurting performance

  • Which data point or decision consistently creates better returns

  • Does a strong catalyst consistently lead to better returns

  • Does my alternative data make a difference

  • How good is my earnings forecast, my price target, my forecasted returns

  • Which members of my team can I count on

  • How do I train, grow and measure my team, while making sure we are disciplined in our strategy

  • How much of our returns are coming from asset selection vs. market factors

Other solutions start after you've made the trade, and only look at the end result, not the reasons behind it. With EDS, your team captures all intelligence and helps you leverage your strengths and cure your  blind spots. The EDS Vault, uniquely, stores and helps you analyze each decision.​

"Firms also have invested in analytics that assess portfolio managers’ actions in advance of trades and help to counteract behavioral bias in investment decisions. The payoff has been substantial,  adding 100 to 200 basis points to portfolio returns."
McKinsey  November 2018 - Achieving Digital Alpha in Asset Management


EDS Provides Institutional Capabilities That Fit Any Budget

Equity Data Science was founded in 2017 by a team of engineers, investors, and data scientists to commercialize a quantitative platform for fundamental investors, which has been in use at some of the top investment funds since 2012. The EDS technology library leverages over 10 years of software development for fundamental investors

Experienced team available 24/7/365 

100% configurable to your investment team & process

Rapid implementation & low friction on your team

Priced at a fraction of competitive solutions

Franchise-sized firms with AUM in excess of $5.0 billion are expected to spend, on average, $7.9 million on technology —more than 13x the spend forecast for small funds with AUM less than $500 million.


- Citi Prime Broker

“I have come to believe that the hedge fund industry requires far greater scale than in the past, and that excellent fundamental investing requires quantamental sophistication and analytics,”

 - Samantha Greenberg on her decision to close Margate and join Citadel

Flexible and Collaborative


No more waiting for support desks to incorporate your ideas, EDS was created with flexibility in mind, providing the power to work the way you do:


  • Configure the dashboard to your firm’s philosophy, process, and discipline.

  • Configure our workflows to your firm's style.

  • Add administrative capabilities. 

  • Create and share bookmarks with your team for maximum productivity.



Ease-of use is a core focus for EDS, making it beneficial to entire teams 

  • Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use.

  • Productive from day one.

  • Accessible from any browser.

  • Secure.

  • Use our deep fundamental and quantitative experience to add proprietary processes, internal data, and third party products onto the platform.
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