The skills needed for successful security selection are not the same skills needed for portfolio construction. With EDS, you are in control - you are up-to-date with all your ideas, understand your strengths & weaknesses, have pinpointed risk and reward and have confidence in your team and how you size positions. And unlike traditional platforms, EDS captures your investment decisions, pre-trade and post-trade, helping you quickly (automatically) analyze them for insights to drive continuous improvement in your investment process.



Portfolio Dashboards 

The ideal portfolio is more than the sum of your ideas - it is also matching your best ideas to your biggest positions and identifying/taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves:


  • Integrate Your Intelligence into Configurable Dashboards:​​​​​​ Combine internal intelligence, fundamental data, research data & alternative data. EDS works with all your information. 

  • Easy-to-Use & Implement: EDS automatically ingests your intelligence, wherever it is - be it price targets, ROIs, internal earnings estimates, or any vendor your team has access to. 

  • SuperCharge Your Investment Process:  EDS is 100% Configurable to your team - it is a superior approach to executing and maximizing the value of your existing investment process

  • EDS Identifies Opportunities: Based on your investment process, such as expected returns, min/max position size, idea conviction, EDS helps identify position sizing and trading opportunities.  

  • MSCI Barra and EDS: EDS integrates with leading vendors -  Want to be more factor aware - EDS has partnered with market leader MSCI Barra, to help you stay on top of all your opportunities, including their industry leading ESG Factors.

  • Decision-Support that Answers the Questions that Matter to Your Team:

  • Does higher confidence lead to higher returns? 

  • Which ideas should we be adding / trimming?

  • Which analysts are making the best forecasts?

  • Are we better at forecasting longs or shorts?

  • What's our forecasted return for this year?

  • What is our downside risk and upside return for our portfolio? 

Ego & Blind Spots | "Addressing Your Two Biggest Barriers”

- Ray Dalio, Bridgewater (a 4 minute amazing video)

 A Research Management System (RMS) Like No Other

Always Up-to-Date & Integrated into Your Process

 The story you develop is just as important as the data that supports it. And as a fundamental investor, you take copious notes, every chance you have - analyst calls, earnings calls, management meetings, conferences, etc. You even have a tearsheet that defines your investment thesis and projected risk & returns - and so does your whole team! However, all this information is disconnected - created in static applications (word, outlook, evernote, excel) & stored in multiple locations - meaning it is not organized on a firm-wide level. Getting the most out of your hard work, is, well, hard work. 

 EDS solves this challenge, by bringing your research process and everything that supports it to a centralized and intelligent platform.

“Table stakes for a new era of investing” - Large Tiger Cub

 A Modern Research Management System (RMS)

Works the way you do only. Easier. More powerful. Better Compliance

  • Integrate Fundamental market data directly into the RMS 


  • Configurable templates for any team, including marketing


  • Powerful search capabilities (find any information in a few seconds with our intelligent search engine)


  • Embed any data, from any vendor, into your RMS (automatically updates in real-time)


  • Integrates with email, Slack, Teams or any other workflow or notes provider


  • Version control (your history in seconds)


  • Scalable across the entire investment lifecycle (not a separate application)


  • Easy-to-use and implemented quickly


  • Meets Compliance best practices



Powerful analytics for Your Most Important Asset - The Decisions You Make


 Enveloping the platform, is the EDS Vault, a unique decision-management database that captures all your inputs and decisions, helping your team analyzes where you excel and where it can improve.  



Analysis that matters to your success:


  • Are our revisions in front of or behind consensus​

  • How accurate are our estimates and price targets. Do we change them too often.

  • Should we care more about our management ratings or the strength of our catalyst

The Huge Value of “In-House” Data - Are You Maximizing Your Investment Process?

Excerpt from the CFA Institute Article - Can Quantamental Save Active Investing

"Managers should instead take a long, critical look at their investment process, they should identify weaknesses in their process and fix them. Instead of starting with “alternative datasets,” they should start with in-house data on investment decisions. There are several reasons for this:

  • In-house data is the only truly “proprietary” dataset — no other investor has it.

  • In-house data offers a competitive advantage to large fundamental managers with many analysts and a long track record of decisions to analyze.

  • In-house data provides the best chance to improve the manager’s “edge.” That’s a bigger prize than any single investment or strategy can offer."