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  Building a successful fund is about scale. And today, with increased competition and more information to digest, successful funds are leveraging technology to build scale - knowing their bets better, owning the right amount of each position, controlling their intellectual property, aligning their portfolios with their style, and making sure they have the right investment team. EDS is a centralized platform that was built from the inside-out, inside of multiple funds to drive continuous investment process improvement without the complexities and cost of building it yourself or cobbling together multiple vendors.



The Way You Invest is Special. EDS Makes it Scalable.


EDS is a modular solution that helps investment teams build, operate and sustain a repeatable investment process that drives continuous improvements.


IDEA GENERATION: Leading fundamental funds are giving their teams an advantage - a centralized system that optimizes the increasing intelligence they utilize as part of their investment process.  Whether it's proprietary In-House data, such as estimates, price targets, positions and notes, or market data, alternative and research data, EDS integrates it all in one system for better and faster research. Your process is no longer stuck "up in your head", across multiple spreadsheets, emails, word documents or outlook, it's now always up-to-date & organized, generating better ideas and smarter decisions in less time..

PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION: The skills needed for successful security selection are not the same skills needed for portfolio construction. With EDS, you are in control - you are up-to-date with all your ideas, understand your strengths & weaknesses, have pinpointed risk and reward and have confidence in your team and how you size positions. And unlike traditional platforms, like Excel, EDS captures your all your data & decisions, before and after the trade, helping your team become more self-critical and honest as you strive to continuously improve your investment process.

RESEARCH MANAGEMENT (RMS): As a fundamental investor, you take copious notes, every chance you have - analyst calls, earnings calls, management meetings, conferences, etc. You even have a tearsheet that defines your investment thesis and projected risk & returns - and so does your whole team! However, all this information is disconnected - created in static applications (word, outlook, evernote, excel) & stored in multiple locations - meaning it is not organized on a firm-wide level. Getting the most out of your hard work, is, well, hard work.

INTEGRATED RISK MANAGEMENT: Today's platforms are inflexible and siloed - unable to provide the integration needed by today's most successful managers. EDS breaks free of the traditional mold to provide true integration - "best-in-class" risk capabilities, robust configurability and the ability to maximize risk processes through deep integration with idea generation and portfolio construction  - with EDS, your entire team becomes more prepared and proactive.