The skills needed for successful security selection are not the same skills needed for portfolio construction. With EDS, you are in control - you are up-to-date with all your ideas, understand your strengths & weaknesses, have pinpointed risk and reward and have confidence in your team and how you size positions. And unlike traditional platforms, like Excel, EDS captures your investment decisions, pre-trade and post-trade, analyzing them for insights that help you continuously improve your investment process.



Portfolio Dashboards 

The right portfolio is more than the sum of your ideas - it is also matching your best ideas to your biggest positions.


  • Integrate Your Intelligence into One Dashboard:​​​​​​ Combine internal intelligence, fundamental data, research data & alternative data. EDS works with all your information. 

  • Easy to Implement: EDS ingests your internal intelligence, wherever it is (straight from excel) - be it price targets, ROIs, internal earnings estimates, or any intelligence/vendor your firm has access to - EDS makes this process painless and stores your data in the EDS Vault for robust analysis

  • Use it on Day One: Don't have price targets or don't want the hassle of keeping everything up-to-date. No problem. With our partnership with FactSet, all consensus estimates, targets, returns, etc, are already incorporated. 

  • Know How Your Decisions Impact Performance: Excel can't analyze and track your investment decisions, helping you see blind spots and seize opportunities. The EDS Vault stores and analyzes your forecasts to help you make better decisions - ones that will help you grow AUM. 

  • Create or Import ROI/Price Target Forecasts Configure the inputs that impact your returns - probabilities, valuation multiples, profitability levels, growth rates, etc. 

  • EDS Calculates an Optimal Position Size: Based on your inputs, such as expected returns, min/max position size, internal conviction, etc., EDS calculates a "recommended" position size -  compare to current position size to help trading decisions.  

  • MSCI Barra and EDS: Want to reduce your exposure to "momentum", or perhaps look for ideas that have "low volatility", or just want to be more factor aware - EDS has partnered with market leader MSCI Barra, to help you stay on top of all your opportunities, including their industry leading ESG Factors.

  • Answer Portfolio Questions: ​​​


  • How much conviction do we have in our ideas

  • Which analysts are making the best forecasts 

  • Are we better at forecasting longs or shorts

  • Which stocks should we add to

  • What does our ESG exposure 

  • How to incorporate ESG into our investment process

  • What's our forecasted return for 2019 for our long and short portfolio. Are we on track this year.

  • What is our downside risk for our longs


Better & More Informed Decisions, in Less Time


 Enveloping the platform, is the EDS Vault, a unique decision-management solution that analyzes where your team excels and where it can improve. Use your own inputs or draw from consensus or any data provider. 


Analysis that matters to your success:


  • Are our revisions in front of or behind consensus​

  • How accurate are our estimates and price targets. Do we change them too often.

  • Should we care more about our management ratings or the strength of our catalyst

The Huge Value of “In-House” Data - Are You Maximizing Your Investment Process?

Excerpt from the CFA Institute Article - Can Quantamental Save Active Investing

"Managers should instead take a long, critical look at their investment process, they should identify weaknesses in their process and fix them. Instead of starting with “alternative datasets,” they should start with in-house data on investment decisions. There are several reasons for this:

  • In-house data is the only truly “proprietary” dataset — no other investor has it.

  • In-house data offers a competitive advantage to large fundamental managers with many analysts and a long track record of decisions to analyze.

  • In-house data provides the best chance to improve the manager’s “edge.” That’s a bigger prize than any single investment or strategy can offer."

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