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  Building a successful fund is about scale. And today, with increased competition and more information to digest, successful funds are leveraging technology to build scale - knowing their bets better, owning the right amount of each position, controlling their intellectual property, aligning their portfolios with their style, and making sure they have the right investment team. EDS was built from the inside-out, inside of multiple funds to solve the pain of aggregating and optimizing your intelligence to build scale without the complexities and cost of current solutions.

Ideal for: 

  • Portfolio Manager

  • Chief Investment Officer

  • Chief Risk Officer


The Right Information, at the Right Time, in the Right Place

Optimizing your intelligence is our mission, but delivering it quickly is our strength. Our dashboard and workflow approach takes any information ("in-house" intelligence, fundamental data, research data & alternative data) and puts it where you need it, saving you time and helping you make the decisions that help scale your business. 

  • IDEA GENERATION: Most analysts cover 100+ stocks, and investment funds, over 500 companies. EDS utilizes data science and workflow automation to enhance your research process -  workflows, such as screening, ranking, trading, and valuation become more process-oriented and systematic, helping your team raise the quality of the ideas in your portfolio.

  • PORTFOLIO CONSTRUCTION: The skills needed for security selection are not the same skills needed for efficient portfolio construction. EDS streamlines & automates the process of connecting your inputs when making position decisions - price targets, in-house estimates, measures of conviction (mgt. strength, macro risk, catalyst). EDS captures these inputs and decisions, so you can analyze where your team succeeds and where the blind spots are. 

  • RISK MANAGEMENT: Markets move fast, and managers who are proactive, move faster - Identifying portfolio impacts before you trade is what our Portfolio Simulation feature provides. Need to make changes to your exposures (more growth, higher quality, increased value), we’ve got you covered here, with Trade Optimization and access to MSCI Barra's leading factors. Use our portfolio construction engine to match your best ideas to the biggest positions. And lastly, monitoring your positions is getting harder, as more data and faster markets makes ascertaining what “expectations” are priced in, very difficult. This is why we use back-testing, trend analysis and rigorous statistical analysis to help clients understand, which signals to pay attention to.......and which to let pass by.

EDS helps answer the questions that matter to your success 


  • What metrics (revenue, margins, leverage) have the closest relationship to the stock price and how have they interacted with each other.

  • How much of a bet am I making on the themes I don’t control -  Oil , Rates, Growth Stocks, Trends,  Alt Data etc...

  • What is the most likely valuation and price target if my investment thesis is correct.

  • What expectations are embedded in my ideas as I come into an earning event

  • What data sources should I care about, and have they provided unique and actionable insights.


Answering these and many other questions used to take hours, multiple applications and expensive personnel. EDS helps you answer them quickly, but also provides a feedback loop to improve future decisions.
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