Each investor looks at risk through their own lens, but most platforms define risk according to industry standards. EDS breaks free of the traditional mold to provide your team with the metrics that matter to you - while also complying to industry benchmarks, such as MSCI. With EDS, your team becomes more prepared and proactive, when it comes to risk management



How Clients Use EDS

  • Proactive vs. Reactive: Immediate understanding of exposure and drivers 

  • Trading desks are making quicker and better decisions

Customized Risk Dashboards

  • Dynamically isolate fund exposure across multiple factors:

  • Asset Selection vs. Common Factors

  • Fundamental metrics vs. any benchmark

  • Configure you own universe or benchmark

  • MSCI Barra Factors (including ESG)

  • Macro or industry factors

  • Add your own "In-House" risk metrics, including alpha/beta/factor decomposition 

  • Portfolio Simulation - Create multiple scenarios, so you are ready if the market changes

  • Trading Optimizer to instantly identify securities that meet your exposure requirements

  • Configurable Attribution By team, analyst, PNL, asset selection vs. factor drivers, etc.



Become more Proactive with Decisions


Throughout the platform, we have woven simulation analytics into the fundamental process to give investors the ability to test any data, any factor, or any change in strategy in just a few clicks.


In seconds, understand the impact:


  • Adding a new stock, sector or exposure to the portfolio

  • Stress portfolio against market forces (oil, rates, factors, etc.)

  • Create and save multiple strategies, with mock portfolios based on outcomes (higher rates, lower oil, trade tariffs)

  • Isolate changes in exposure down to the analyst or stock level across any timeframe


Performance Attribution, Behavioral Analytics, and so much more....


No need for an expensive and under-equipped data warehouse, EDS provides behavioral and performance analysis that goes far beyond typical solutions - always up-to-date and fully configurable, EDS helps your team drive continuous improvement.  


EDS provides a holistic approach to performance attribution:

  • Include all cash activity (inflows/outflows)

  • Include position, trading & performance activity

  • Include investment decisions 

  • Include investment inputs 

  • Include internal/external data inputs

These are a just a few of the ways our clients quickly gain insight into their performance. 

  • Are trading decisions helping performance

  • How does performance change when we reduce or raise our internal earnings estimates or price targets

  • Which teams are contributing or detracting from performance and why

  • How accurate are our projections

Other solutions start after you've made the trade, and only look at the end result, not the reasons behind it. With EDS, your team captures all intelligence and helps you leverage your strengths and cure your blind spots. EDS databases and helps you analyze each decision and data point.​





Analyze and take advantage of short-term trends in:


  • Short interest

  • 13F Filings

  • Insider activity

  • Earnings 

These are a few of the ways our clients quickly gain insight into changing markets. 

  • Understand crowding risks

  • Signals from short interest changes

  • Recent insider activity insights

  • Configurable earnings dashboards

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