The story you develop is just as important as the data that supports it. And as a fundamental investor, you take copious notes, every chance you have - analyst calls, earnings calls, management meetings, conferences, etc. You even have a tearsheet that defines your investment thesis and projected risk & returns - and so does your whole team! However, all this information is disconnected - created in static applications (word, outlook, evernote, excel) & stored in multiple locations - meaning it is not organized on a firm-wide level. Getting the most out of your hard work, is, well, hard work


Always Up-to-Date and Fully Configurable


  • Bring quantitative (estimates, models, price-targets) and qualitative information together in one platform that works the way you do.

  • Robust email, Teams, Slack integration - email in notes, input on an ipad, pull from excel, evernote, outlook, etc.

  • Configurable templates, tagging, version control & alerts.

  • Streamlined & automated - Connects directly to excel, internal data, or third party applications to ingest and dynamically update fields.

  • Always Up-To-Date - updates in real-time from anywhere.

  • Best practice compliance.

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Works the way you do only. Easier. More powerful. Better Compliance

  • What did management say about margins last year.

  • Which ideas meet our objectives & when was our last touch point.


  • Which analysts are consistently making the best forecasts and staying up-to date on their names.


  • When did we last increase our price target.

  • How do we easily communicate with our investors.


  • How do we keep our intellectual property safe.


  • How do we stay in compliance




Whether it’s your investment thesis, pre-earnings, post-earnings, or marketing documents, the EDS template engine makes it easy to create the perfect documents for your team. And because its in a centralized platform, connected to all your data (models, market data, etc.), it is always up-to-date! Say good bye to old investment docs that are stale.


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  • Crazy fast and deep search - find anything, get as specific as you want, get your answer in a few seconds.

  • Pull data into your RMS, from any source.

  • Take notes anywhere, updates everywhere, automatically.

The Huge Value of “In-House” Data - Are You Maximizing Your Investment Process?

Excerpt from the CFA Institute Article - Can Quantamental Save Active Investing

"Managers should instead take a long, critical look at their investment process, they should identify weaknesses in their process and fix them. Instead of starting with “alternative datasets,” they should start with in-house data on investment decisions. There are several reasons for this:

  • In-house data is the only truly “proprietary” dataset — no other investor has it.

  • In-house data offers a competitive advantage to large fundamental managers with many analysts and a long track record of decisions to analyze.

  • In-house data provides the best chance to improve the manager’s “edge.” That’s a bigger prize than any single investment or strategy can offer."