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Monitoring "Expectations" & "Risk"  is Your Advantage


Expectations can change quickly and you are on the front lines, providing your team with the latest intelligence. With EDS, the data you care about is right in front you, not on multiple screens or applications - and configured to your specific requirements. EDS also analyzes the data, helping you sift through the noise to make sure your team is focused on the signals....

Ideal for: 

  • Traders

  • Adding Quantitative Skills to a Résumé


Customized to Your Investment Process


RISK MANAGEMENT: Each investor looks at risk through their own lens, but most platforms define risk according to industry standards. EDS breaks free of the traditional mold to provide your team with the metrics that matter to you - while also complying to industry benchmarks, such as MSCI. With EDS, your team becomes more prepared and proactive, when it comes to risk management

SIMULATION & OPTIMIZATION: Throughout the platform, we have woven simulation analytics

into the fundamental process to give investors the ability to test any data, any factor, or any change in in just a few clicks.

POSITION SIZING: EDS helps your team calculate optimal position sizes based on your inputs, such as expected returns, min/max position size, internal conviction, etc. - compare to current position size to help trading decisions. 

DECISION-SUPPORT: Your "In-house" intelligence is the only truly proprietary dataset you have — no other investor has it. Help your team learn from it. 

FACTOR AWARENESS: Want to reduce your exposure to "momentum", look for ideas that have low volatility, or just want to be more factor aware - EDS has partnered with market leader MSCI Barra, to help you stay on top of all your opportunities.
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