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Monitoring "Expectations"  is Your Advantage


Expectations can change quickly and you are on the front lines, providing your team with the latest intelligence. With EDS, the data you care about is right in front you, not on multiple screens or applications. EDS also connects & analyzes the data (momentum, revisions, valuation, short interest, etc.), helping you sift through the noise to make sure your team is focused on the signals....

Ideal for: 

  • Traders

  • Adding Quantitative Skills to a Résumé


Measuring Expectations

Your Portfolio Dashboard -  Monitoring positions after you’ve invested is getting harder, as more data and faster markets makes ascertaining what “expectations” are priced in, very difficult. This is why we built data-science into the platform - back-testing, trend analysis and rigorous statistical analysis help clients understand, which signals to pay attention to.......

  • What metrics (revenue, margins, leverage) have the closest relationship to the stock price and how have they interacted with each other over time.

  • How much of a bet are we making on the themes we don’t control -  Oil , Rates, Growth Stocks, Trends,  Alt Data etc...

  • What expectations are embedded in our ideas as we come into a conference or earnings event.

  • What data sources should I care about, and have they provided unique and actionable insights.

Answering these and many other questions used to take hours, multiple applications and expensive personnel. With EDS, you have a new skill to add to your résumé - the power of a quant, and answers are only a few clicks away 

Measuring Crowding & Sentiment


Building Conviction in the timing and investment return of your ideas is the cornerstone of the EDS Analytics Platform. By seamlessly using automation to analyze more information, science to focus on the relationships that matter, and collaboration to leverage knowledge through out the firm, we are able to significantly increase your value as a member of the investment team. 


  • Short Interest - Measure how quickly trends are changing, and whether this is consistent with history. Through statistical analysis and back-testing, EDS also measures the predictive power of short interest, helping your team decide if it is a signal or just noise. 

  • Momentum - Through statistical analysis and back-testing, EDS also measures the predictive power of momentum, helping your team decide if it is a signal or just noise. 

  • Revisions - Monitor the trend in revisions on the whole portfolio, or each stock, in one consolidated dashboard. Connect the trends in revisions with momentum to see how they influence each other. 

  • Financial Visibility - Gain or lose conviction in estimates by tracking the accuracy of consensus estimates and management guidance.  

  • Valuation & Other Factors - Put valuation and other themes into perspective by monitoring the trends across multiple markets - (ex. Is valuation high vs. the market, but low vs. your sector)

  • Crowding - EDS measures concentration risk through the combination of three variables (# of funds involved, % of outstanding shares held by the funds, the absolute size of the position within each fund). We've even curated the fund universe to those that have the biggest impacts. 

  • Holdings and Liquidity Trends - Through statistical analytics, EDS provides trends in positioning from top-down to bottoms-up. Who is buying, who is selling....Are Quants selling, and what about the other funds, what are they up to...

  • Insider Activity - Insiders are restricted to specific trading periods and generally, long holding times. In addition, much of the trading is often from senior managers, those with intimate knowledge of fundamentals. At EDS we are analyzing these patterns, looking for activity that can help predict stock performance. 

  • Personalize to Your Firm - What data do you care about or have access to (PB Data?) EDS can  take a "mostly" manual process, automate it and help you track it and validate it across the entire market. You are unique, your process is unique, and with EDS, your unique insights are multiplied and leveraged to create alpha

  • "Your Fund" Intelligence - Price targets, earnings dispersion vs. consensus, management conviction - all these and more can influence the opportunities you see each day. With EDS, these factors and other firmwide intelligence is front and center all the time.
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